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Services Provided Are:

Collection Evaluations and Appraisals

  • Overstreet™ offers the most reliable and accurate source for determining actual market value of your artifact assets. We offer appraisals on individual items or entire collections at reasonable rates, with discounts being given on larger quantities. All detailed written appraisals must be rendered through in-person evaluation. However, Overstreet™ does make unwritten assessments for general appraisals on items through means of quality photography. Through this form of analysis, quality photos must be provided with multiple angles and views of the artifact to be evaluated along with physical specifications of size and dimension. Feel free to give us a call for more detailed information on appraisal pricing.

Private Artifact Sales

  • Overstreet™ is the number one source for purchasing quality artifacts, with the highest possible level of confidence in grade and authenticity. All artifacts consigned and sold through Overstreet are ensured to have undergone extensive examinations by our knowledgeable and reputable examiners. If you are a collector or investor looking for a particular type, style, or group of artifacts, contact us and we will be glad to work with you on a one on one basis in locating items of assured quality and authenticity.

Professional Collection Dispersals

  • Our services aid and assist people on a daily basis in the dispersal and sales of their artifacts, ensuring that a fair price has been achieved. To receive the maximum financial gain, each and every artifact/collection requires individual assessment and means of dispersal depending on the overall size, quantity, region of origin and established value. Contact us at Overstreet™ for a free consultation today.

Overstreet Prehistoric Artifact Auctions

  • Overstreet's™ artifact auctions are generally comprised of a wide variety of styles, forms and types of quality authentic Native American Artifacts from various regions across the United States. Our public and live internet auctions offer the most dependable source for purchasing of authentic Native American artifacts at fair market value. All artifacts consigned and offered for sale by Overstreet are held to the same standards as required for any artifact that we certify for individual clients. For more information on participation in our future Overstreet artifact auctions contact us today.

The Number One Source For Reliable and Dependable Artifact Sales. Contact An Overstreet Representative Today and Allow Us To Work For You.

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Overstreet is the most comprehensive Native American Artifact service available for providing accurate and consistent Artifact Identification, Grading, Authentication, Appraisal, and Sales. Our artifact evaluation ...

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